Concrete & Masonry

Aug 3 2016

Letting the brick dry evenly is the key for old masonry walls that want to leak less energy

Jul 18 2016

Adding brick to the outside of a house complicates insulating outside a slab. So Insulate inside.

Jul 13 2016

The demo digs deep into the house to repair the rubble foundation and rework the workflow

Jun 15 2016

You can't stop heat flow, but you can keep your floor from becoming a big ol' heat sink

May 28 2016

Can't get your bricklayers to answer the phone? Call SAM (Semi Automated Mason)

May 19 2016

Our Latin America Editor is on the ground in Ecuador and sending updates on construction technology, codes, and temporary housing

May 9 2016

An affordable insulated slab foundation suitable for climate zones 1, 2, and 3

Apr 14 2016

Tree stumps are not a solid base for footings

Apr 3 2016

Homemade bricks ready to become walls

Apr 2 2016

Kirk Giordanos, aka, Mr. Plaster Fantaster, shows us yet another way to kill time, and amaze your kids, while waiting to get into a job: Spin a hawk on a trowel. 

Mar 5 2016

This weekend's video treat is all about suspending gravity with bricks, mortar, and craftsmanship.

Feb 24 2016

The design/build process for a 3-car garage with living space below—Wait, what?

Feb 9 2016

Digging deep around the house is hard, so repair it right the first time, right? #MakeItLast

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