Concrete & Masonry

Jan 28 2016

Jonathan Fishbeck, CEO of BuilderFish, explains the anatomy of masonry veneer walls that won't trap water and cause rot. 

Jan 26 2016

An extensive repair sometimes beats total foundation replacement

Jan 21 2016

"Concrete is a rapacious creditor, it will definitely get its money out of you one way or the other. And if you're not on your game, it's gonna win."

Jan 5 2016

Crawlspaces offer all of the headaches of a basement and none of the benefits. 


Dec 28 2015

 A failing foundation wall creates an opportunity for an apartment entry stairway with egress windows and a cascading green space


Dec 23 2015

When the world pushes in your walls, pull it back with helical tieback anchors

Nov 22 2015

Elevated slab,

Floating on a bamboo raft

Builder's culture shock

Nov 15 2015

A Latin American look at concrete, cane, and tropical hardwood

Nov 2 2015

Warm and dry basement living space begins with keeping the basement dry—duh. All moisture from outside must be directed away from the interior walls and slab.

Oct 31 2015

A mashup of various footage shot for the Rapacious Creditor series

Sep 27 2015

Forget about the turtles, look at the tile


Sep 20 2015

Brick seems like a stone, but stones break down to sand, silt. Water always wins. 

Aug 26 2015

Repairing a cracked and sinking concrete pool patio and it's adjoining concrete slab walkway by injecting high-density foam under it

Aug 17 2015

Two videos showing how to convert the layout rectangle into a concrete patio with a paver border, and adding concrete piers as a foundation

Aug 14 2015

Furring the inside of masonry walls makes room for wires and can significantly improve the R-value

Aug 13 2015

A four dimensional detail drawing of an insulated and damp-resistant basement slab

Aug 2 2015

Living in what you can afford to build—until you can afford to build more. In places where mortgages are not readily available, people use the layaway plan.They lay away money, and then they build their plans.

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