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Oct 2 2015

The final video in the series: Did you model the pergola to be too tall? How to Lower the Joists and Narrow the Width of the Pergola

Sep 27 2015

Forget about the turtles, look at the tile


Sep 25 2015

Three videos: How to add Grass and Paver Textures, How to Manipulate Wood Grain, and Adding Furniture (and friends) From the Digital Big Box.


Sep 16 2015

Not satisfied with a simple pergola post, The Timber Tailor adds lamb's tongue chamfers to each corner

Aug 17 2015

Two videos showing how to convert the layout rectangle into a concrete patio with a paver border, and adding concrete piers as a foundation

Jul 28 2015
A custom gate which opens to a classic pool and courtyard
Jul 24 2015

How to stop rot in structural members

Jul 23 2015
Three videos: Using the Geopositioning Tool to Optimize Shade, Spacing Multiple Pieces of Lattice without Math, and some Advanced Lattice Modeling Tips
Jul 21 2015

Beautiful and long lasting, this pedestal has ventilation holes for drying.

Jul 17 2015

Three videos: Making the Beams, Shaping the Beams, and Making 'Ceiling Joists' from the Beams

Jul 10 2015

Better beams can drain and dry


Jul 9 2015

Four video sequences: The Layout Rectangle, Making Posts, Notching Posts, and Making a Post Base

May 31 2015

A common fencing material in Central and South America is cane stalks, but these are something else entirely.

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