Feb 15 2018

Hardware, fasteners, and panels can work together to significantly boost wind resistance of wood-framed structures

Feb 14 2018

Streamline your stringline strategy

Feb 10 2018

Like farm to table for building materials—a tour of Amazon trees and lumber

Jan 29 2018

A primer on how heads, threads, tapers, and drives differ depending on application


Jan 29 2018

It turns out, 5/8 plywood is about the best window insurance you can buy


Jan 13 2018

Raised heel trusses and a sealed roof deck make a fast energy efficient roof system

Jan 10 2018

Questions and answers about the engineering, endurance, and manufacturing of an AdvanTech subfloor

Jan 6 2018

The top reason to study engineering in college: Wall of Wind. Yay Science!

Dec 28 2017

Two videos cover the design questions and construction process of a post and beam patio roof structure


Dec 20 2017

A toolkit of simple solutions to complex wall bracing requirements


Dec 19 2017

Less is more, more or less. And now it is codified.

Dec 14 2017

A field-tested collection of videos, articles, and animated details on practical improvements to the framing process that strips out the less-valuable 'advice' often passed on by others.  

Dec 6 2017

Which will be the brick that broke the camel's back (and by 'camel,' we mean 'OSB' ...)

Dec 5 2017

Peel and stick Z-flashing and some padding pushes a ledger flush with the face of the thick panels. A cover sheet of peel and stick completely waterproof the ledger before the deck is framed 

Dec 1 2017

Mark the trusses before you unbundle them

Nov 28 2017

Use prescriptive and custom solutions to counteract the forces you anticipate experiencing

Nov 27 2017

Draw a full-scale mockup and snap a line with fascia in kind

Nov 27 2017

Continuous exterior insulation means smaller studs and higher performance

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