Feb 24 2017

The non-structural requirements are pretty simple for guard rails: if there's a fall hazard, make a guard, and keep it such that it will actually stop people from falling.


Feb 20 2017

What to look for in a Shear Wall System

Feb 20 2017

Framing a roof with I-joists over the existing roof makes a ton of room for insulation and offers a short lesson in vapor movement through assemblies

Feb 13 2017

Screwing I-joists to the outside of a wall—really—makes a lot more room for insulation on a deep energy retrofit in NW Connecticut


Feb 5 2017

The ongoing saga about designing and constructing a tiny house in Ecuador

Jan 30 2017

Yup—just drill a hole, add a piece of copper wire and drive the screw home

Jan 28 2017

A film on the many aspects of woodworking that go into building things with wood—including a pre-robot look at technology displacing workers


Jan 16 2017

Use to visually calculate the rise, run, and materials for stairbuilding—or anything else, for that matter

Dec 3 2016

You get paid for what you do and what you know. Turns out, the more you know, the more you can do.


Oct 24 2016

A tight air barrier is the best way to build an energy-efficient house. Outside the sheathing are many chances to make it better.

Oct 19 2016

It is time to think about the fact that many carpentry jobs may be automated—soon


Oct 1 2016

A Chinese TV show that never made it on the air—until there was a YouTube.

Sep 21 2016

Tips on engineered wood layout, framing, cantilevers, blocking, web stiffeners, cutting, knockouts, duct runs, rim boards, and beams.

Sep 19 2016

When air sealing a house, begin with the biggest holes and work toward the small ones

Sep 14 2016

A carpenter's take on less wood in walls


Sep 7 2016

A flexible drill bit you can knock together in your shop


Sep 4 2016

Two Japanese carpenters demonstrate the mortise joinery used to assemble a built-up beam. The claim is that the joined beam is as strong as a solid one.


Aug 30 2016

It depends on a lot, but here are some things to think about

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