Aug 26 2016

Scouting photos for an upcoming video shoot covering moment frame, walls, foundation, and rim joists.

Jul 14 2016

Wall cabinets have a quiet and important job description: Hold heavy glassware and ceramics up in the air. Do not peel away from the wall—just sit there and look pretty.

Jul 13 2016

The demo digs deep into the house to repair the rubble foundation and rework the workflow

Jul 6 2016

A no-nonsense approach to efficient deck building

Jul 1 2016

How to draw and manipulate multiple sets of structural engineered lumber

Jun 30 2016

If you have kids, build this fort. If you don't have kids, build. Build like crazy because once you have kids, it will take twice as long to build anything.

Jun 28 2016

The lead extends like a razor knife, and stays razor sharp

Jun 5 2016

Traditional shipbuilding lives on in coastal homes

Jun 2 2016

Plywood and paint make extinguishers what they ain't

May 19 2016

Our Latin America Editor is on the ground in Ecuador and sending updates on construction technology, codes, and temporary housing

May 18 2016

Carpenter's squares are ubiquitous on jobsites, but the jumbo-jumbo written on them is Greek to most carpenters. Thanks, calculator.

May 15 2016

Recycling revisited and repurposed for reuse 

May 14 2016

A short film illustrating the path from forest to finished frame


May 7 2016

For three years and a day journeymen walk, work, and sleep under the stars


Apr 22 2016

A few really cool tricks and a Master Class at the end 

Apr 10 2016

I spotted this interesting roof construction in Cuenca, Ecuador: Branch logs as rafters; purlins of split branch logs with thin brick overlaid in two strata

Apr 7 2016

The air sealing process for a high performance home with double-stud walls. 

Apr 5 2016

A subjective exploration of 11 'lightweight' heavy hitters

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