Apr 1 2016

A: Neither. It is a physics problem. The solution lies in carpenters and drywall installers working together

Mar 26 2016

Target practice is a favorite desktop diversion of many a desk jockey. Turns out it can be a bench top diversion as well. 

Mar 25 2016

Use modeling techniques to put together a 'two-story phone booth'—with cedar fascia?


Mar 17 2016

Installing a floor joist is a relatively easy task in new construction. But replacing one in a house that already stands? That’s a different story.

Feb 27 2016

How much stronger is a house with key parts glued and nailed together rather than just nailed together?


Feb 26 2016

Make a piece of wood and then manipulate it into four walls


Jan 20 2016

Two packages for high performance homes. Vented and unvented roof insulation retrofits and exterior wall insulation details along with rainscreen wall details for furring strips.

Dec 10 2015

Why a rain screen wall is important to the energy and durability detailing on a Passive House.

Nov 15 2015

A Latin American look at concrete, cane, and tropical hardwood

Nov 14 2015

What it is like to design and build houses without CDX and drywall: Freeing, captivating, undulating, and addictive. 

Nov 10 2015

The biggest crack in the house, revisited for #ThrowbackThursday

Oct 18 2015

Storage, shade, and a feed lot for farm animals.

Oct 14 2015

When temperatures drop, propane heaters show up on jobsites. That's when fire danger creeps up ...

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