Glues, Sealants, Coatings

Aug 21 2018

An easy to make scoop that cleans the bucket as you empty it.

Aug 16 2018

Buenos Aires is an architectural voyeur’s destination, with gothic, and ornate classical buildings that rival Europe in grandeur. There are also a lot of cool homes, and street-level building craft to admire.

Aug 14 2018

Inner tube scraps, clamps, finesse, and patience are all you need for a clean column with four sides of face grain.



Aug 13 2018

Fast-setting glue and sacrificial guides keep your workpiece smooth and snipe-free

Aug 7 2018

Thickening the edge with a quarter-inch strip brings the trim back to the door jamb while spanning the rain screen WRB

Jul 24 2018

A household iron re-activates Titebond glue for a goof-proof—and beautiful—veneer job

Jul 23 2018

A fast and inexpensive way to patch stucco walls. Put this in your bag of tricks.

Jun 26 2018

An interesting project that requires redundant water management detailing

May 28 2018

Getting silicone to stick to the window and not your finger


Mar 14 2018

Paint-on waterproofing membrane, physics, and forethought protect an old window—and allow future maintenance—while sealing a big hole in a wet and windy wall

Feb 27 2018

Make a route for drainage, protect the structure, and use water-tolerant materials to rebuild

Dec 23 2017

"This is the most important part to waterproof because this is the place where all the water will end up and it might leak if not done correctly." 

—Michal Mroczko

Nov 9 2017

An item on the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. Item 5.1.2, to be exact ...

Aug 12 2016

A secret weapon in the war on loose joints: 2P-10 a two-part glue that dries in ten seconds.

Apr 7 2016

The air sealing process for a high performance home with double-stud walls. 

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