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Jun 17 2016

Floor plan dictates hood placement, roof framing dictates fan placement

May 26 2016

Everything there is to know (well, almost) about blower door testing with a few engineer-y jokes along the way.

May 2 2016

A tight path to the outdoors keeps the indoors fresh and you can call it a day because you’re one step closer to the Energy Star.

May 1 2016

Sorry, no cell service ...

Apr 29 2016

A super efficient heat pump with a GWP of 1

Apr 20 2016

Like kitchen & bath remodels, it involves plumbing, ventilation, electrical upgrades, waterproofing, and building inspectors


Mar 30 2016

You can dig in to the roof without adding more insulation, but you can't dig far

Mar 24 2016

Range hoods are a key player in the kitchen mechanical system: If they are not tied to a makeup air system, they make their own.

Feb 26 2016

Be economical, direct, and don't get kinky.

Feb 18 2016

Yes. Brett Singer, a scientist with the Indoor Environmental Group at Berkeley Lab explains how pollutants get into the air from cooking and his group's research to clear the way for a rating system for range hoods. 

Feb 3 2016

The nuts and bolts of ducts and volts

Jan 22 2016

Soffits should be tight boxes hidden in your ceiling.

Nov 9 2015

Tightening an old house or building a tight new one means that you can't leave ventilation to random leaks anymore. You have to control it.

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