Insulation & Air Sealing

Dec 14 2017

A field-tested collection of videos, articles, and animated details on practical improvements to the framing process that strips out the less-valuable 'advice' often passed on by others.  

Nov 27 2017

Continuous exterior insulation means smaller studs and higher performance

Nov 26 2017

How to inspect, assemble, put on, and seal-test a respirator for low-pressure spray foam application

Nov 11 2017

In this video, the robotic 'narrator' asks multiple questions about construction innovations of the near future.

Nov 9 2017

An item on the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. Item 5.1.2, to be exact ...

Oct 23 2017

How to reduce ice dams, improve thermal performance, and boost durability of homes with vented attics


Oct 9 2017

Two ways to insulate a brick veneer wall, from the Inside


Oct 3 2017

For cutting rockwool insulation, retire your old bread knife and pick up a pair of these

Sep 29 2017

Glue the rim joist, caulk the gaps, and overhang the wall sheathing to tighten this leaky building assembly


Sep 11 2017

Rinse off with cold water before the hot shower.

Aug 22 2017

You can't simply go down to the hardware store and buy a box labeled air barrier


Aug 14 2017

Doubling the square footage of a house while cutting the air leakage in half delivers extraordinary value


Jul 18 2017

Whether using roof trusses or stick framing a roof frame, if you make space above the exterior walls, your energy performance will thank you.


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