Insulation & Air Sealing

Jul 17 2017

Using theatrical smoke to illustrate air leakage pathways to customers and new employees

Jul 7 2017

Exterior insulation can create transition problems. Here are a few solutions

Jun 28 2017

Vapor barriers cause a lot more harm than good in many parts of North America. Understanding vapor barriers begins with knowing what it means to be one

May 30 2017

Thin foil can block massive amounts of heat transfer, but it needs a massive temperature difference to be effective. So, insulation sort of makes radiant barriers irrelevant.

Apr 27 2017

A collection of five videos on a Passive House Retrofit in Sharon, CT (climate zone 5) executed by Ben Bogie, Built to Last, LLC

Apr 25 2017

For walls with a pre-applied weather barrier, make sure the tape is compatible with the WRB coating—or use a primer


Apr 24 2017

Furring and foam on the INSIDE for better walls in really cold places.

Apr 17 2017

Keep mechanical equipment within the envelope to improve the quality of houses and homes

Apr 6 2017

The most effective (and easiest) time to detail the air barrier is during the framing stage. If it isn't specified during design, ain't no way the framers are gonna get it right.

Mar 2 2017

18 Videos, articles, and animations showing you how to get through Section 1 of the Energy Star Thermal Bypass Checklist. It is about the continuity between various components of the air barrier system and the thermal envelope.


Feb 20 2017

Framing a roof with I-joists over the existing roof makes a ton of room for insulation and offers a short lesson in vapor movement through assemblies

Feb 9 2017

Condensation is when moisture in the air hits a cool enough surface to convert the vapor into water.

Feb 6 2017

Four ways to prevent ice dams in three types of roof, for two climates in one video. Boom.


Nov 16 2016

Why insulating on top of a house is better than insulating inside

Nov 15 2016

Hands-on training with local pros at the largest construction event in the Northeast

Nov 9 2016

A big problem, for roofs in cold climates, but what causes it and how can you fix it?


Oct 24 2016

A tight air barrier is the best way to build an energy-efficient house. Outside the sheathing are many chances to make it better.

Oct 10 2016

A thermal break and solid backing puts the window on the outer face of a thick wall. Now, there's room on the inside window sill for cats and bowling trophies


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