Insulation & Air Sealing

Oct 7 2016

Stack effect is relentless: it is always working, when you’re awake or asleep, even during blackouts. And it feeds on itself.


Sep 19 2016

When air sealing a house, begin with the biggest holes and work toward the small ones

Sep 14 2016

"In order to maximize the buildable area on the infill lot, we had to go fairly deep and do some extensive shoring."

—Dan Whitmore of Hammer & Hand 

Sep 12 2016

Offset the joints and seal the gaps to keep air leaks out of the thick walls


Sep 2 2016

This is the first episode of 7 Minutes of BS (building science). We break it down with engineers and building scientists.

Aug 24 2016

What the HERS index is and how to make it work for you

Jul 25 2016

Wide tape spans the many layers of a thick wall to make an air tight and water tight seal

Jul 20 2016

Window banks need to line up neatly for the trim to work out. Foam walls add the extra possibility of compressing the backing. So there's that.


Jul 18 2016

Adding brick to the outside of a house complicates insulating outside a slab. So Insulate inside.

Jul 11 2016

A superinsulated sunroom might sound like an oxymoronic idea, but it is not. Just use triple glazed windows and thick foam over the wall framing and roof

Jul 5 2016

A deep energy retrofit in Concord, MA illustrates everything you need to know to bring a house to energy überville

Jun 15 2016

You can't stop heat flow, but you can keep your floor from becoming a big ol' heat sink

Jun 13 2016

The final step: center it in the opening, and seal the perimeter

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