Insulation & Air Sealing

Jan 20 2016

Two packages for high performance homes. Vented and unvented roof insulation retrofits and exterior wall insulation details along with rainscreen wall details for furring strips.

Jan 15 2016

Water and air leaks in a building shell are difficult enough to detail on simple buildings. Complex structures can cause headaches for builders, remodelers, and architects who don't pick up their pens and trace at the design stage.

Jan 5 2016

Crawlspaces offer all of the headaches of a basement and none of the benefits. 


Dec 10 2015

Why a rain screen wall is important to the energy and durability detailing on a Passive House.

Nov 30 2015

How to detail the foam at corners and connections when tightening the energy efficiency of an old house

Nov 10 2015

The biggest crack in the house, revisited for #ThrowbackThursday

Nov 1 2015

Roofs get wet at night—Heat flows through the easy path—Framing is a bridge.

Oct 28 2015

Wrapping an old house in a blanket of insulation is a no-brainer when you're replacing the roofing and siding anyway

Oct 21 2015

Electrical outlets, plumbing pipes and bathtubs are underestimated in their importance.

Oct 15 2015

Covering the roof of an old house with a blanket of insulation makes the house more comfortable and it cuts energy use.

Oct 1 2015

The second layer of foam is the air barrier and drainage plane.

Sep 24 2015

New energy codes are coming (very) soon; many states are jumping straight to the most aggressive one

Sep 23 2015
The @EnergyVanguard investigates an attic insulation job in Charleston, SC. #TheBadNews: from zero to nine inches thick in one roof. #BadDogNoBiscuit.
Sep 17 2015

 #ÜberRoof: A site-built ventilated SIP roof sandwich. 

Aug 19 2015

A faster way to build affordable housing in a tropical climate. It is a quick build when compared to standard block and stucco.

Aug 16 2015

The complete video collection on insulating, air sealing, and installing windows in a superinsulated sunroom addition in Wayland, MA

Aug 14 2015

Furring the inside of masonry walls makes room for wires and can significantly improve the R-value

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