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Mar 19 2017

A master carpenter explains how his apprehension turned to appreciation in a mere six hours.

Dec 28 2016

Furniture-grade cabinetry with simple joinery

Dec 25 2016

Adding accessories to Bestbath shower walls requires no blocking at all

Nov 4 2016

Seven tips for a better installation and some advanced tile saw acrobatics, too


Nov 3 2016

Not all bath and shower manufacturing processes are created equal. At Bestbath, we’re proud to say that our manufacturing process lives up to our name.

Oct 27 2016

Kitchen cabinet carcasses are just four-sided cubes made with plywood and simple joinery. Repetition is the name of this game.

Oct 21 2016

7 less common (but potentially problematic) shower waterproofing situations


Oct 18 2016

Learn how to install the  Bestbath shower wall surround.

Oct 14 2016

All complex assemblies involving multiple trades demand the critical, and constant, focus of supervisors. Where one trade ends and another begins must show continuity. If you do not build redundancy into the system, you are building in risk.


Oct 12 2016

Heavy-duty drawer hardware and a simple cabinet turns a blind corner into roll-out storage


Oct 3 2016

Curbs, corners, and drains are the culprits of most shower leaks. If you do not build redundancy into the system, you are building risk into it


Sep 11 2016

Install a Bestbath standard shower pan easily and efficiently.



Aug 24 2016

Make a bathroom more inclusive with simple design decisions

Aug 19 2016

A hidden funnel between inside and out dumps water into the wall

Aug 11 2016

Accessibility doesn't have to be ugly, and it can be adaptable, too

Aug 10 2016

A closer look at using moisture-resistant materials for wet locations.

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