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Jul 16 2016

Have a good weekend

Jul 14 2016

Learn how to install a Bestbath low-profile (blue bottom) shower pan for optimum accessibility.

Jul 13 2016

The demo digs deep into the house to repair the rubble foundation and rework the workflow

Jun 17 2016

Floor plan dictates hood placement, roof framing dictates fan placement

Jun 9 2016

The room where everyone gravitates to should be able to handle the pull

Apr 4 2016

Tight makes right behind tubs and showers—because they can be *ruff* to retrofit

Mar 10 2016

Don't forget to add the drywall thickness to the kitchen plan dimensions for an accurate framing layout. Kitchen plans indicate finished dimensions, not rough.

Feb 28 2016

If you're color squeamish, don't look at these pictures of plumbing fixtures—

turn away now!

Feb 23 2016

When installing a short run of vanity cabinets, you can use a story stick and a level 


Feb 18 2016

There are always hiccups in kitchen remodels. Here are some field-modification solutions to common installation problems.

Feb 18 2016

Yes. Brett Singer, a scientist with the Indoor Environmental Group at Berkeley Lab explains how pollutants get into the air from cooking and his group's research to clear the way for a rating system for range hoods. 

Jan 22 2016

Soffits should be tight boxes hidden in your ceiling.

Jan 14 2016

Why a touch faucet is a great addition to any home and why it should be part of every house you build or remodel.

Jan 1 2016

A 2x4 frame skinned with Luan plywood, simple corner and shoe molding is captured on a helmet cam, 2x4 cam, speed square cam, drill cam, brad nailer cam and panning yard cam edited to high speed process over an acoustic blues tune.

Dec 21 2015

Keep them dry, slope the flat parts, and let the dimensions follow the grout lines

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