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Dec 9 2015

Retiling a tub surround is a common remodeling project because tubs have a track record for quitting early

Dec 8 2015

A little leftover foam and plywood will keep the 'rough' out of 'finish work'


Nov 25 2015

Running bond patterns are less tolerant of variances in walls, so don't trust the math, trust the level


Nov 19 2015

The secret to incorporating Universal Design features into a home's design.

Nov 17 2015

​In a room that gets hosed down with hot water two or three times every day, waterproofing is a BFD.


Sep 20 2015

In some ways, the first world is quite far behind.

Sep 9 2015

Universal design fixtures and appliances can make a kitchen easier to use, for all ages

Aug 28 2015

Our friend in Victoria BC, the Samurai Carpenter walks us through the timber frame tiny home that he has crafted—much of it from driftwood.

Aug 14 2015

Furring the inside of masonry walls makes room for wires and can significantly improve the R-value

May 4 2015

A handful of tips that will speed your process, reduce mistakes, and yield a better-looking finished product.

May 4 2015

When bridging an opening in the base cabinets, don't rely on the wall to dictate cabinet placement. Use a straightedge to align the faces of the cabinets on either side. 

Apr 27 2015

An inexpensive way to give cabinets an antique, glazed look is to darken the kerf along crown molding or door panels using a black marker.

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