Aug 27 2018

Protect that expensive roof during installation

Aug 16 2018

Before you jump on to the roof, dive into this overview of solar electric systems for roofs

Aug 9 2018

A few minutes up front can save tons of time when you're in the air—and it can eliminate broken ribs, a broken back, or death

Jul 9 2018

A drip edge overlapping strategy that won't catch the eye

Jun 25 2018

The underlayment is the water control layer; valleys, crickets, and chimneys are the most vulnerable spots

Jun 8 2018

There is more to metal roofing than standing seam and corrugated barn panels

May 22 2018

Roofs peel off from the edges, so it is critical to hold them tight

May 1 2018

Like an out-of-plumb wall, an insulated and unvented roof can work well—or not.

Apr 24 2018

Torches have one job. Your job is to be aware of the dangers

Apr 24 2018

Overlapping tapes with gravity in mind keeps water out of the house

Apr 17 2018

Left-, right-, and straight-cutting snips with single- and compound-leverage each have their place on a jobsite

Mar 27 2018

Learn how to quickly lock out moisture and air in these three 30-second videos showing how to load, gun, and roll ZIP System tape onto ZIP System sheathing panels.

Mar 26 2018

A California valley is faster than cutting all of the shingles up a valley. With shingles bedded in cement, it can be exported to other states.

Feb 22 2018

Part 2 in a miniseries on fall protection equipment and techniques

Jan 18 2018

How to maximize your craft to match the materials of a lifetime roof 

Jan 17 2018

How to bend a lock-hem drip edge on a sheet metal brake

Jan 6 2018

The top reason to study engineering in college: Wall of Wind. Yay Science!

Dec 27 2017

Climate, neighborhood, landscaping, and the home owner's preference. This infographic walks you through the details of each option tree.

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