Dec 26 2017

A look at types of drip edge flashing, how to cut it, and how to retrofit it to an existing roof​

Dec 20 2017

Drip edge metal, valley flashing, dormer, chimney, and kickout flashing are types of roof flashing that shed water away from the connections between roofs, walls, chimneys, and other building assemblies

Dec 14 2017

Dry in a newly-sheathed roof with a roll of Zip System tape

Dec 13 2017

This episode of 7 Minutes of BS was the MOST POPULAR EPISODE OF 2017! Enjoy your trip down memory lane. 


Nov 17 2017

Five metal roofing installation tips from FEMA should reduce hurricane damage to homes

Nov 16 2017

Flashing a wood-framed chimney is like flashing a dormer, except there’s no roof behind it. Without protection, water can leak into the joint and rot your walls to direct uphill water away

Sep 19 2017

A silent movie about flashing metal roofing into a brick chimney from UnionCorrugating.

Sep 16 2017

The first steps of roofing are having the right tools and the job and knowing the game plan

Sep 15 2017

Flashing must extend all the way from the wall to the outside. Oh yeah, and it has to be watertight and eight people have to work on it...


Aug 5 2017

Simple country houses, Brutalist bodegas, and superb craftsmanship


Jul 27 2017

Roof valleys are like gutters with a steep pitch; but the stakes are higher for valleys than they are for gutters


Jul 26 2017

There are many products in a roof assembly, so choose a system that is specifically designed to work together

Jun 28 2017

Vapor barriers cause a lot more harm than good in many parts of North America. Understanding vapor barriers begins with knowing what it means to be one

Jun 24 2017

Equatorial sun changes the priorities in a construction sequence


May 8 2017

Use skip sheathing and a ventilation space to extend the life of the shingles

Feb 6 2017

Four ways to prevent ice dams in three types of roof, for two climates in one video. Boom.


Dec 23 2016

The mission of water is to turn houses to mush. Some drip edge flashings may actually help water accomplish this mission.

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