Tile, Flooring, Drywall

Oct 19 2015

Samurai Carpenter tackles a whole new world: texturing a ceiling. 

Aug 23 2015

Wire mesh corner bead. Visions of bleeding fingers. Nothing but trouble.

Jul 26 2015

The humble drop cloth, protector of floors and furniture from paint drips and sawdust and fragments of fiberglass like stiffer bits of spiderweb ...

May 29 2015

These apartment plans were drawn by a local draftsman using an older version. dwg — Drawn on Wall Graphics. 

May 2 2015

Ceilings in Mexico are often made with bricks laid in “bobeda” style, or in arches between steel beams...

Apr 20 2015

Regular walls just won't cut it anymore. Higher-achieving energy codes mean higher-performance walls, airtightness targets, and home energy rating system (HERS) scores. Here are six improvement targets to shoot for.

Apr 13 2015

Straight from the horse's — er, umm, well ...

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