Jul 11 2017

A general warning that as batteries get bigger, so do the unintended consequences of using them like a dope. So, don't be a dope, read.


Jun 19 2017

This vehicle-mounted storage system extends from either side of the van.

Jun 18 2017

This incredible bench is more than just a work table; it’s an essential tool in the shop.

Jun 13 2017

...when you give it to Kenny. 

May 29 2017

With a place for everything and everything in its place.

May 16 2017

Ridgid and Ryobi decided to bust through the cordless barrier when it comes to belt sanders


Apr 17 2017

A woodworker in Belgium goes Festool one better by devising a wheeled folding bench that works with their products.

Apr 15 2017

You get paid for what you do and what you know. If robots can do what you do, then is time to know more.

Apr 12 2017

A great saw—in spite of a couple of flaws—that will make fast work out of long miters. Even compound miters.


Apr 1 2017

Need an extra hand on the job? Fire up the iClone app and match the settings to the task at hand.

Mar 23 2017

Sometimes a bench is better than a bucket

Mar 21 2017

Cordless nailers are twice as heavy, twice as expensive, and twice as slow as pneumatics. They can also save you 30 minutes per day.

Mar 6 2017

The tablesaw is probably the most dangerous tool in your shop because the blade spins toward you


Feb 22 2017

Eight saws, an endless supply of new blades, and a few editors with nothing better to do than cut stuff

Feb 18 2017

Sometimes a cowboy is better off with a mule...


Dec 15 2016

It is time to stop messing around. Get out there and get gift-buying!

Dec 13 2016

Top picks for tool hounds and the people who buy presents for us. Ahem.

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