Dec 29 2015

The coolest tool in the world just got cooler


Dec 15 2015

Forward this page to everyone in your family. And then cross your fingers.

Dec 12 2015

This Lyerbird mimics the construction sounds on a nearby jobsite: hammers, saws, drills, workers talking. Be careful what you say in Lyerbird country. Yaba-daba-do!

Dec 4 2015
A slimmed-down version of a woodshop classic with a couple of safety features, to boot.
Dec 1 2015

Most of the time you don't need a 10 inch blade, so one of these little buggers will do just fine

Dec 1 2015

Professional Remodeler magazine has added a new department called Pro's Picks which covers a product or tool that a professional remodeler or trade contractor thinks is especially cool.

Nov 29 2015

Wrecking bar, hammer A pry bar, and a cat's paw— Surgical demo

Nov 28 2015

Samurai Carpenter sets up a system in his newly remodeled and outfitted shop.

Nov 10 2015

The new DeWalt 48 in. carbon fiber composite box beam level is 35 percent lighter than other premium levels of the same size. 

Oct 27 2015

Another use for your broken shovels

Oct 27 2015

From our friends at ...

Oct 24 2015

Watch a guy make slab lumber out of a redwood log with nothing but a chainsaw, some planks, and a lever.

[OK—and a dustmask and hearing protection]

Oct 6 2015

Editors from took the best-known reciprocating saws through a series of tests to measure performance, features, and how user-friendly they are.

Oct 4 2015

Plunge cut flush and smooth | Into baseboard or flooring | Money CAN buy happiness 

Sep 19 2015

Finger-saving safety features are finally available on the jobsite. Just in time for a labor shortage, right? (Part 3)

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