Trimwork & Cabinetry

Aug 23 2018

...Works for any spring angle and (almost) any size crown.

Aug 13 2018

Fast-setting glue and sacrificial guides keep your workpiece smooth and snipe-free

Jul 18 2018

Spice up plywood cabinets with solid wood inlays. Spice up solid wood inlays with cleanly cur dado slots

Jun 6 2018

Sometimes a blade thickness is waaay more than you need to cut off. If you need to take 1/32 off the end of a board, here's how to do it quickly.

May 30 2018

Adjust the boxes to the hardware, and then to each other. Rotating the panel gives a little extra wiggle room

May 28 2018

Assembling a big box with a big back that anchors the bed cabinet to the wall

May 24 2018

A little extra space helps, and can be tightened with a washer if needed

May 18 2018

Install the front-facing panel and movable legs to the mattress box 

May 16 2018

A strip of hardwood hides the joint and customizes the look

May 15 2018

A lot of pocket screws hold the sides and bottom ribs together


May 14 2018

The two-part bottom panel assembly is about aesthetics, not structure

May 9 2018

Main sections of the process are broken into 3-5 minute videos and nifty tips are broken out into 30-second - 1-minute video clips below.

May 7 2018
An inexpensive tool, a mid-priced one, and a high-dollar cordless saw combine into a nice little system for clean and accurate mitering
Apr 23 2018

The absence of an accident does not mean the presence of safety; push sticks are expendable; fingers are not.

Apr 14 2018

Four straight 2x6s, a lot of glue, a mortiser, planer, sharp chisels, band saw, forstner bits, a block plane, oscillating spindle sander, and a rubber mallet are all you need

Mar 19 2018

Edgebanding without sanding: call attention to the joint rather than trying to hide it. Because you won't hide it.

Mar 12 2018

An accurate setup made from scraps can help you salvage lumber that is too crooked to frame with but could be great for blocking or furring strips

Mar 1 2018

How to account for a room that is not plumb, level, or square when you have a truckload of expensive (and square) boxes to install.

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