Trimwork & Cabinetry

Jun 25 2016

Angled cabinets with wiring chases, prebuilt, installed, and dressed up with moldings.

Jun 18 2016

Angled and tapered legs make a saddle for the tapered top

May 7 2016

For three years and a day journeymen walk, work, and sleep under the stars


May 3 2016

New design improves battery and cartridge installation. If Cordless trim nailers fit your workflow, this gun is a good bet


Apr 21 2016

An icon of Craftsman joinery, the pegged mortise, faceted with a file and chisel

Apr 16 2016

A man, a plan, and some Baltic birch plywood becomes a stand-alone portable woodworking shop.

Mar 26 2016

Target practice is a favorite desktop diversion of many a desk jockey. Turns out it can be a bench top diversion as well. 

Mar 22 2016

A rather biased view on whether or not to use biscuit joiners for slab glue-ups—but what do you really think, Jesse?


Mar 10 2016

Don't forget to add the drywall thickness to the kitchen plan dimensions for an accurate framing layout. Kitchen plans indicate finished dimensions, not rough.

Feb 23 2016

When installing a short run of vanity cabinets, you can use a story stick and a level 


Feb 18 2016

There are always hiccups in kitchen remodels. Here are some field-modification solutions to common installation problems.

Feb 10 2016

A quick look at decorative sticks

Jan 11 2016

How some simple jigs and a router can add interesting detail to millwork

Jan 1 2016

A 2x4 frame skinned with Luan plywood, simple corner and shoe molding is captured on a helmet cam, 2x4 cam, speed square cam, drill cam, brad nailer cam and panning yard cam edited to high speed process over an acoustic blues tune.

Dec 30 2015

The best containment strategy depends on the job size, tools required, location in the house, and proximity to living space


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