Trimwork & Cabinetry

Dec 26 2015

Orders of architecture are like ancient rules of thumb for design


Dec 22 2015

Dress up a post with a beveled top and tapered chamfer sides


Dec 13 2015

Historic respect

Custom jamb for round top door

That's a lot of clamps :)

Dec 5 2015

A pretty cool parlor trick that makes trade shows go quickly, and a great way to 'Wow' the kids.


Nov 4 2015

With scrap lumber and a couple of hours, Samurai Carpenter builds a jig and smooths a log into the beginnings of a tabletop ... 

Oct 26 2015

How to make a tight scribe joint: don't scribe it. Boom.

Sep 4 2015

Smart phones, smart TV's, smart cars... it's about time the old-school dumbwaiter wised up a bit.

Aug 28 2015

Our friend in Victoria BC, the Samurai Carpenter walks us through the timber frame tiny home that he has crafted—much of it from driftwood.

Aug 20 2015

Two types of newel post are in this staircase: those that sit flat on the floor and those which are notched around the treads and risers. 

Aug 5 2015

Historically, shutters were used for protection and light management. These shutters do both at the same time.

Jul 26 2015

The humble drop cloth, protector of floors and furniture from paint drips and sawdust and fragments of fiberglass like stiffer bits of spiderweb ...

Jul 22 2015

Zero-clearance inserts reduce tearout and improve safety on a tablesaw

Jul 15 2015

Keeping it #oldschool and building double-hung windows like they used to



Jul 13 2015

Fitting finished stair parts that are too narrow and too deep

Jun 21 2015

Matt Jackson demonstrates how to use a paper bag as a buffer after spraying catalyzed laquer on coffered ceiling parts.

May 27 2015

How to wrap a rough 4x4 post with solid wood and mitered corners

May 23 2015

Budget-consious, stain-grade stringers with some non-traditional joints.

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