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Jul 25 2016

Wide tape spans the many layers of a thick wall to make an air tight and water tight seal

Jul 20 2016

Window banks need to line up neatly for the trim to work out. Foam walls add the extra possibility of compressing the backing. So there's that.


Jul 4 2016

Three videos covering the step by step process for flashing, installing, and airsealing an in-betweenie window in a Passive House Retrofit

Jun 13 2016

The final step: center it in the opening, and seal the perimeter

May 30 2016

Flashing an In-Betweenie window is a lot like flashing an Innie or an Outie, only it is somewhere in between

May 5 2016

How to install pan flashing and jamb flashing on a window opening in a wall that will be thickened with 4 inches of foam—using regular, non-stretch peel-and-stick flashing tape.

Feb 29 2016

From extension jambs to mullions, begin with the biggest piece and work to the smallest

Dec 25 2015

Integrate the window with the house wrap, and the house wrap with the wall for an airtight, watertight window installation

Dec 19 2015

Installing German windows in a masonry block building with beautiful copper roofing details.


Nov 24 2015

If you need to replace windows that are old, inefficient, leaky, or painted shut, maybe even rotted, this video’s for you

Oct 12 2015

Smart windows can control how much heat and light is let through the glass through plasma physics and nanotechnology

Sep 22 2015

How to replace bifold doors with bypass doors (and make them look good in the process.) 

Sep 14 2015

How to frame the conversation with customers to clarify which information is most relevant to their window choice. 


Aug 16 2015

The complete video collection on insulating, air sealing, and installing windows in a superinsulated sunroom addition in Wayland, MA

Aug 5 2015

Historically, shutters were used for protection and light management. These shutters do both at the same time.

Jul 20 2015

Sash and jamb liners may make sense if the existing window frame is level, square, and in very good shape.

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