Aug 12 2016

A secret weapon in the war on loose joints: 2P-10 a two-part glue that dries in ten seconds.

Jul 30 2016

You are 20 bucks away from a speaker that rocks

Jul 25 2016

Deep roots in the community has its benefits (#ThrowbackThursday came early this week)


Jul 8 2016

Joint a step and use a plywood sled to plane a parallel surface, flip, repeat.


Jun 18 2016

Angled and tapered legs make a saddle for the tapered top

Apr 21 2016

An icon of Craftsman joinery, the pegged mortise, faceted with a file and chisel

Apr 16 2016

A man, a plan, and some Baltic birch plywood becomes a stand-alone portable woodworking shop.

Mar 22 2016

A rather biased view on whether or not to use biscuit joiners for slab glue-ups—but what do you really think, Jesse?


Jan 11 2016

How some simple jigs and a router can add interesting detail to millwork

Dec 26 2015

Orders of architecture are like ancient rules of thumb for design


Dec 22 2015

Dress up a post with a beveled top and tapered chamfer sides


Dec 5 2015

A pretty cool parlor trick that makes trade shows go quickly, and a great way to 'Wow' the kids.


Nov 4 2015

With scrap lumber and a couple of hours, Samurai Carpenter builds a jig and smooths a log into the beginnings of a tabletop ... 

Jul 22 2015

Zero-clearance inserts reduce tearout and improve safety on a tablesaw

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