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May 20 2016

How to install a roof to wall counter flashing and custom-cut one-piece step flashing into a brick wall.

May 6 2016

Use membranes, drain to an open edge, slope everything, and read the *darned* manual(s)

May 5 2016

How to install pan flashing and jamb flashing on a window opening in a wall that will be thickened with 4 inches of foam—using regular, non-stretch peel-and-stick flashing tape.

Apr 15 2016

What you need to know about wood siding, stucco, stone, and brick installations. From one of the top design/build/remodeling companies in the US.

Apr 7 2016

The air sealing process for a high performance home with double-stud walls. 

Mar 11 2016

Sweat the details or you'll drown in them

Mar 7 2016

Weather Barriers done right means weather barriers that go to work on more than just sunny days

Mar 3 2016

Stucco is likely to last significantly longer than the decking, so make it easy to replace the decking without disrupting the stucco.

Feb 19 2016

Felt, furring strips, and flashing keeps rain out of the walls


Feb 8 2016

Walls that can drain and dry last a lot longer than walls that stay wet.

Feb 1 2016

Walls that dry are walls that last for a long, long, time.

Jan 18 2016

Walls that can drain and dry last a lot longer than walls that stay wet. An air gap between the siding and sheathing lets both dry independently. Furring strips are one way to make that air gap.

Jan 5 2016

Crawlspaces offer all of the headaches of a basement and none of the benefits. 


Dec 31 2015

When plumbing lines burst, people notice. Unfortunately, a lot of the moisture damage in houses has nothing to do with bulk water. 

Dec 25 2015

Integrate the window with the house wrap, and the house wrap with the wall for an airtight, watertight window installation

Dec 3 2015

Insects can get into the little parts of a wall and muck up water and air movement details

Nov 30 2015

How to detail the foam at corners and connections when tightening the energy efficiency of an old house

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