Aug 1 2018

Low-e coatings screen infrared heat from moving through the glass, either inward, outward, or both

Jul 5 2018

Too much of a good thing can kill you. Including sunny weather. 

May 31 2018

In short, mortar is a mixture of some or all of the following materials: Portland cement, sand, lime clay, and more modern additives.

May 1 2018

Like an out-of-plumb wall, an insulated and unvented roof can work well—or not.

Apr 20 2018

Extreme heat and humidity can drive moisture deep into framing cavities which can cause mold, rot, and structural damage

Mar 6 2018

If you can't build to stay dry, build to tolerate wet

Jan 2 2018

Drip edge is another water-shedding tool

Dec 13 2017

This episode of 7 Minutes of BS was the MOST POPULAR EPISODE OF 2017! Enjoy your trip down memory lane. 


Nov 14 2017

Science explains the natural world with a disciplined method of repeatable—and verifiable—questions, experiments, and answers


Oct 18 2017

Three-pronged solution to indoor pollution: Isolate, eliminate, and ventilate

Aug 22 2017

You can't simply go down to the hardware store and buy a box labeled air barrier


Jun 28 2017

Vapor barriers cause a lot more harm than good in many parts of North America. Understanding vapor barriers begins with knowing what it means to be one

May 30 2017

Thin foil can block massive amounts of heat transfer, but it needs a massive temperature difference to be effective. So, insulation sort of makes radiant barriers irrelevant.

May 9 2017

Houses cannot expand and contract with changes in pressure like balloons can. Instead, they need paths for air to balance the pressure

Feb 28 2017

Siding is supposed to shed water away from walls; so what's the deal with siding that absorbs water?


Feb 2 2017

As houses are built tighter, they exchange less air between inside and outside. This saves energy, but the inside air can get stale if you don't have a fan and a plan

Dec 5 2016

A snowball effect of physics vs. physical structures: water carries salt to the surface of masonry, which crystallizes and can blow apart its masonry host.

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