Aug 27 2018

Protect that expensive roof during installation

Aug 25 2018

Front-yard factories dot the coast road in Ecuador and Columbia

Aug 20 2018

A set of detailed project specifications, or specs, save time, money, and aggravation by ensuring that everyone works off the same page.

Aug 18 2018

Roof framing, window options, and a mechanical advantage add up to lower bills and a higher quality home

Aug 16 2018

Buenos Aires is an architectural voyeur’s destination, with gothic, and ornate classical buildings that rival Europe in grandeur. There are also a lot of cool homes, and street-level building craft to admire.

Aug 14 2018

A rip of plywood, some blocks and a table saw will help you repurpose cruddy lumber from the bone pile into backing


Aug 7 2018

Thickening the edge with a quarter-inch strip brings the trim back to the door jamb while spanning the rain screen WRB

Aug 6 2018


A woven mesh with integrated house wrap allows drainage and drying

Aug 3 2018

Flashing under an exterior door and along the bottom of a basement wall that used to have an overhead door


Aug 1 2018

Low-e coatings screen infrared heat from moving through the glass, either inward, outward, or both

Jul 26 2018

A 4-Dimensional look at deck flashing that works

Jul 18 2018

Spice up plywood cabinets with solid wood inlays. Spice up solid wood inlays with cleanly cur dado slots

Jul 10 2018

ProToolReviews test drives over two dozen models to help you pick your next purchase

Jul 9 2018

A drip edge overlapping strategy that won't catch the eye

Jul 5 2018

Too much of a good thing can kill you. Including sunny weather. 

Jun 26 2018

An interesting project that requires redundant water management detailing

Jun 23 2018

Simple upgrades to steps you take anyway can significantly boost the energy performance of a home

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