How it’s Made—ProVia Doors are Stronger By Design

November 5, 2017

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Solid construction means solid performance


ProVia’s Legacy Steel 20-gage steel entry doors give you 49% more galvannealed steel than a standard 24-gage steel entry door, which makes them superior performing doors for security.

A special tab and slot design and composite end caps aid door rigidity and strength.

The doors are filled with insulating foam that enables the entry doors to meet ENERGY STAR© certification criteria.

Learn more about ProVia Legacy Steel entry doors.


Video Transcript:

  • At ProVia, 20-Gage Steel and 20 Tabs and Slots make all the difference!
  • Our heavy, galvanized steel is actually 49% thicker than our competitor’s 24-gage steel. 
  • We punch a series of slots in the top panel, and an equal number of tabs in the bottom panel, and machines create a perfect 90º edge.
  • A special adhesive is applied to both the slotted section and the tabbed section. 
  • Then, composite endcaps are added top and bottom for increase rigidity, and the areas behind each hinge are reinforced with steel inserts for added toughness. 
  • The two pieces are lined up with the tabs and slots facing each other, and hydraulics engage the slot-tab system, locking them together.
  • Heat cures the super adhesives, permanently joining the two sides. 
  • Finally, foam fills the door edge to edge, around rigid composite lock blocks—which reinforce the lock and dead bolt area. 
  • ProVia is constantly subjecting the Legacy Steel Doors to ASTM-spec torture-testing, simulating a forced entry with way more force than normal and they pass with flying colors!


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