Shutdown, Storage, & Reuse for Versi-Foam Spray Foam Kits

January 2, 2018

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How to extend the life of a foam kit


When you are finished using your Versi-Foam system for the day, remove the mixing nozzle, and apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the face of the gun. Be sure to cover the two pins. Lubricate the O-ring around the face of the gun, close the valves and place some petroleum jelly on the valve stems.

Store your Versi-Foam product in their upright position, in a place where the temperature is between 40° and 100° Fahrenheit. If you are storing the kit for more than seven days, we strongly recommend that you activate the system at least once a week, more often in humid weather.

To perform your weekly maintenance activation, open the valves, check for leaks, and point the gun into a waste container. Do not attach a nozzle, pull the trigger for a couple of seconds, agitate the chemicals in your waste container to make sure they solidify.

Repeat the shutdown procedure. By following this procedure, you will extend the life of your dispensing gun.

When you're ready to reuse the kit, follow the same maintenance procedure: Open the valves, check for leaks, aim the gun, with no nozzle, into a waste container to be sure it is dispensing two streams of chemical of equal velocity, agitate the chemicals in your waste container so they solidify, install a new nozzle onto the gun.

Now, you are ready to dispense foam and begin your new project.


—This video is from Versi-Foam Systems, one of ProTradeCraft's advertisers. RHH Foam Systems was founded in 1981 by Richard Heitzer, whose extensive experience in the cold storage construction industry recognized the need for a low-pressure disposable spray foam kit for on-the-job use. Their offices are in New Berlin, WI. View all Versi-Foam's content