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Aug 16 2018

Before you jump on to the roof, dive into this overview of solar electric systems for roofs

Aug 14 2018

Inner tube scraps, clamps, finesse, and patience are all you need for a clean column with four sides of face grain.



Jul 24 2018

A household iron re-activates Titebond glue for a goof-proof—and beautiful—veneer job

Jul 20 2018

A concrete anchor system with a mechanical connection - not a friction-fit
Jun 19 2018

A strong adhesive that's easy to squeeze

Jun 11 2018

A specialty tool makes placing standard non-stretch tape in corners easier


Jun 8 2018

There is more to metal roofing than standing seam and corrugated barn panels

May 18 2018

Stop air and water leaks at the side of windows by sealing the flange to the sheathing
May 15 2018

Dial-in your wall bracing requirements as required by your inspector—whichever version of the code you use

May 4 2018

Get step by step directions to install Bestbath multi-piece shower wall surround.

May 1 2018

A bit of history and science explains today’s corrosion issues

Apr 24 2018

Torches have one job. Your job is to be aware of the dangers

Apr 21 2018

Closed Cell, Open, Cell, High Density, Slow-Rise, or Fire Retardant?

Apr 18 2018

Use a level ledger board below, and work from the outer edges to the center capstone above

Apr 17 2018

Sakrete Fast Set Cement Patcher is the ideal product for the rapid repair of irregular cracks in a concrete slab.

Apr 15 2018

Sweep or wet-vac them away. With AdvanTech, puddles are not a problem.

Mar 30 2018

Eliminate the need for j-channel while boosting the appearance of vinyl siding

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