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Oct 19 2017

The physics and mechanics of turning cold water into hot showers 

Oct 13 2017

Type S mortar with bonder and fortifier makes a strong patch in old stucco
Oct 12 2017

A composite shingle panel that is surprisingly convincing.

Oct 6 2017

MiTek offers a complete line of high performance epoxies for applications ranging from heavy industrial seismic and wind applications to household projects. 

Sep 26 2017

An overview of what it is, how to mix it, where to use it, and what to add

Sep 16 2017

The first steps of roofing are having the right tools and the job and knowing the game plan

Aug 28 2017

From the subfloor builders trust, for the flat-out best, quiet, stiff floors.​

Aug 9 2017

Two options for accessibility for a roll-in shower pan​ in a universal design bathroom

Aug 7 2017

How to trim out a window using contoured insulation and vinyl siding

Jul 26 2017

There are many products in a roof assembly, so choose a system that is specifically designed to work together

Jul 17 2017

Meet code requirements and simplify fastening of siding and trim to plywood or OSB

Jul 8 2017

Meet code with the only deck tension tie engineered to adjust

Jun 3 2017

2 Videos showing you how to tighten, squirt, and get back to work

May 24 2017

See how easy it is to avoid the top five hanger errors. 

May 2 2017

Better insulation, drier walls, lower HERS scores, and labor savings.

Apr 28 2017

Anchor the frame to the floor and reinforce hinge locations with frame anchors, otherwise, it's just plumb, level, and square.


Apr 21 2017

Only one trowel type will deliver the correct coverage for a particular tile type. There can be only one.

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