Jun 6 2018

Sometimes a blade thickness is waaay more than you need to cut off. If you need to take 1/32 off the end of a board, here's how to do it quickly.

Jun 1 2018

A trowel-applied leveling compound that sticks to most substrates


May 30 2018

Adjust the boxes to the hardware, and then to each other. Rotating the panel gives a little extra wiggle room

May 28 2018

Assembling a big box with a big back that anchors the bed cabinet to the wall

May 26 2018

A simple and affordable balanced ventilation solution for small tight houses

May 24 2018

A little extra space helps, and can be tightened with a washer if needed

May 18 2018

Install the front-facing panel and movable legs to the mattress box 

May 16 2018

A strip of hardwood hides the joint and customizes the look

May 15 2018

A lot of pocket screws hold the sides and bottom ribs together


May 14 2018

The two-part bottom panel assembly is about aesthetics, not structure

May 9 2018

Main sections of the process are broken into 3-5 minute videos and nifty tips are broken out into 30-second - 1-minute video clips below.

Apr 17 2018

Left-, right-, and straight-cutting snips with single- and compound-leverage each have their place on a jobsite

Apr 11 2018

Faster swap-outs, longer reach, and serrated blades for cutting fibrous materials (like insulation)

Apr 3 2018

Your electrician can make the insulation work better and easier to install


Mar 29 2018

The first layer of foam is mostly an insulation layer; the outer layer is the air barrier and drainage plane. This video is about the first layer.

Mar 23 2018

Diamonds are ceramic tile cutters best friend. Ok, they are not, but they can sure improve a sanding pad.


Mar 20 2018

A saw and a knife that cut rockwool insulation like a "laser"

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