Mar 19 2018

Edgebanding without sanding: call attention to the joint rather than trying to hide it. Because you won't hide it.

Mar 14 2018

Paint-on waterproofing membrane, physics, and forethought protect an old window—and allow future maintenance—while sealing a big hole in a wet and windy wall

Mar 8 2018

Seven-part sketchup tutorial with 17 videos covering ground zero (gravel) to final finish. Design on 'paper'—before making sawdust.


Mar 1 2018

How to account for a room that is not plumb, level, or square when you have a truckload of expensive (and square) boxes to install.

Feb 19 2018

Being a carpentry pup means sometimes getting tired of sticks. So Beasley improvises when Ben forgets to bring a Frisbee.

Feb 14 2018

Streamline your stringline strategy

Jan 26 2018

Work WITH thermal properties of a material, not against them

Jan 23 2018

Marking tile and other slippery surfaces

Jan 22 2018

One of those things that you keep forgetting how to do, because you don't do it that often

Jan 17 2018

How to bend a lock-hem drip edge on a sheet metal brake

Dec 1 2017

Mark the trusses before you unbundle them

Nov 27 2017

Draw a full-scale mockup and snap a line with fascia in kind

Nov 22 2017

Cold tape doesn't stick and hot tape stick like sh—well, you know what it sticks like.

Nov 18 2017

An #oldschool approach to decorative concrete surfaces


Nov 3 2017

What's worse than a plumber with a Sawzall? A carpenter who causes it.

Oct 31 2017

Some original bones and mashed up meat make a door whose secret is safe

Oct 30 2017

Belt, suspenders, clean underwear, and a long-tail t-shirt just to make sure.

Oct 25 2017

Tie your camera into your cordless tool system

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