Mar 8 2016

Old walls are wavy. Old walls with a lot of foam on them are easy to make flat.

Feb 29 2016

From extension jambs to mullions, begin with the biggest piece and work to the smallest

Feb 26 2016

Make a piece of wood and then manipulate it into four walls


Feb 18 2016

There are always hiccups in kitchen remodels. Here are some field-modification solutions to common installation problems.

Jan 21 2016

"Concrete is a rapacious creditor, it will definitely get its money out of you one way or the other. And if you're not on your game, it's gonna win."

Jan 11 2016

How some simple jigs and a router can add interesting detail to millwork

Nov 27 2015

Flashing a humpy old roof valley requires a little give and take, and a backup plan

Nov 20 2015

Dealing with dips and making clean overlaps

Nov 11 2015

A three-foot stick can hold a section of step flashing out of the way while you work the membrane into place.

Oct 27 2015

Another use for your broken shovels

Oct 2 2015

The final video in the series: Did you model the pergola to be too tall? How to Lower the Joists and Narrow the Width of the Pergola

Oct 1 2015

The second layer of foam is the air barrier and drainage plane.

Sep 25 2015

Three videos: How to add Grass and Paver Textures, How to Manipulate Wood Grain, and Adding Furniture (and friends) From the Digital Big Box.


Sep 23 2015
The @EnergyVanguard investigates an attic insulation job in Charleston, SC. #TheBadNews: from zero to nine inches thick in one roof. #BadDogNoBiscuit.
Sep 22 2015

How to replace bifold doors with bypass doors (and make them look good in the process.) 

Sep 19 2015

Finger-saving safety features are finally available on the jobsite. Just in time for a labor shortage, right? (Part 3)

Sep 19 2015

For the carpenter who has everything, and needs a place to put it.

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