Sep 16 2015

Not satisfied with a simple pergola post, The Timber Tailor adds lamb's tongue chamfers to each corner

Sep 4 2015

Smart phones, smart TV's, smart cars... it's about time the old-school dumbwaiter wised up a bit.

Aug 28 2015

Our friend in Victoria BC, the Samurai Carpenter walks us through the timber frame tiny home that he has crafted—much of it from driftwood.

Aug 26 2015

Repairing a cracked and sinking concrete pool patio and it's adjoining concrete slab walkway by injecting high-density foam under it

Aug 23 2015

Pry out, slide down, slip in 

Aug 17 2015

Two videos showing how to convert the layout rectangle into a concrete patio with a paver border, and adding concrete piers as a foundation

Aug 16 2015

The complete video collection on insulating, air sealing, and installing windows in a superinsulated sunroom addition in Wayland, MA

Aug 4 2015

The least expensive window flashing tape is also the most complicated to install. Unless you've done it a bajillion times

Aug 4 2015

Roofing contractor Eric Garcia walks us (literally) through a low-slope reroof to talk about base flashing, scuppers, and how to detail the corners.

Jul 31 2015

After the concrete is poured and floated, it has to set up for a while before it is ready to be worked on.

First smooth the surface with a magnesium trowel, then finish it with multiple passes of a steel trowel.

Jul 24 2015

How to stop rot in structural members

Jul 23 2015
Three videos: Using the Geopositioning Tool to Optimize Shade, Spacing Multiple Pieces of Lattice without Math, and some Advanced Lattice Modeling Tips
Jul 22 2015

Zero-clearance inserts reduce tearout and improve safety on a tablesaw

Jul 20 2015

Sash and jamb liners may make sense if the existing window frame is level, square, and in very good shape.

Jul 17 2015

Three videos: Making the Beams, Shaping the Beams, and Making 'Ceiling Joists' from the Beams

Jul 10 2015

Better beams can drain and dry


Jul 9 2015

Four video sequences: The Layout Rectangle, Making Posts, Notching Posts, and Making a Post Base

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