Jul 6 2015

Rigid foam board, adhesive, and canned foam give an airtight cavity that can be insulated well.

Jun 29 2015

Some do's, don'ts, tips, and tricks on how to deal with obstructions in wall cavities


Jun 23 2015

How a blower door works, how to set it up, how to use it to find air leaks in a home's envelope, and how to break down the numbers.

Jun 21 2015

Matt Jackson demonstrates how to use a paper bag as a buffer after spraying catalyzed laquer on coffered ceiling parts.

Jun 17 2015

All clothes dryers should vent directly outside.

Jun 11 2015

These triple-glazed vinyl windows use brackets to secure the window to the framing. A "flashing flange" helps align the window

Jun 5 2015

How to pour and finish a slab in 2.5 minutes.

Jun 4 2015

Clay is more durable, concrete is more affordable—both are great choices that will outlive your customer

May 30 2015

Batt insulation is by far the easiest insulation to install — poorly. This intro tells the basics of installing it right.

May 10 2015

The easy way to install a peel and stick pan flashing: with tape that stretches in three dimensions

May 4 2015

A handful of tips that will speed your process, reduce mistakes, and yield a better-looking finished product.

May 4 2015

When bridging an opening in the base cabinets, don't rely on the wall to dictate cabinet placement. Use a straightedge to align the faces of the cabinets on either side. 

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