Mar 12 2018

An accurate setup made from scraps can help you salvage lumber that is too crooked to frame with but could be great for blocking or furring strips

Mar 5 2018

The truth is, I prefer the problem solving of remodeling. The higher degree of difficulty, the better. Remodeling can be a battle, but that's the beauty of the challenge.

Feb 26 2018

Tying into an existing driveway involves digging, spec-ing, sloping, pouring, and brooming. 

Feb 12 2018

Marking, cutting, and glue-up tips that you may have forgotten about

Feb 8 2018

Use scraps to offset the straight edge allowing you to cut each edge of the dado with opposite edges of a router bit


Feb 5 2018

"It is so nice to have a new kitchen. I love the quartz countertops. I love the cooktop and range hood. The cabinets are beautiful and functional. It's exactly what we wanted."

—Happy customer.

Jan 29 2018

It turns out, 5/8 plywood is about the best window insurance you can buy


Jan 15 2018

Rather than cover the joint between drywall and door frame, celebrate the gap with an architectural reglet

Jan 8 2018

Sloppy mortar application means sloppy tile that #Fails

Jan 1 2018

Forget about upside-down and backwards, just lay it on the table and cut it

Dec 28 2017

Two videos cover the design questions and construction process of a post and beam patio roof structure


Dec 26 2017

A look at types of drip edge flashing, how to cut it, and how to retrofit it to an existing roof​

Dec 25 2017

The days of staggering bolts every 16 inches or so are over—especially if you want to step down to the deck


Dec 23 2017

"This is the most important part to waterproof because this is the place where all the water will end up and it might leak if not done correctly." 

—Michal Mroczko

Dec 21 2017

The IRC is a thick book, but there is relatively little aimed at decks. A few sections have a few sentences dedicated to construction of safe and durable decks.

Dec 11 2017

It's all about the sand. and eye protection.


Nov 30 2017

You can't work faster if you're in the hospital—or worse.

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