Jul 25 2017

Score and whack is the basic method, but whacking with a sharp block gets cleaner results

Jul 17 2017

Using theatrical smoke to illustrate air leakage pathways to customers and new employees

Jul 13 2017

I’m kicking myself for not already knowing this amazingly simple trick!

Jul 10 2017

Created by a cabinet maker, this simple jig allows you to quickly gauge the relative elevation of multiple points.

Jun 26 2017

Old-school framing meets new-age materials.

Jun 19 2017

This vehicle-mounted storage system extends from either side of the van.

Jun 16 2017

Use tape to clamp and only glue where you have to.

Jun 13 2017

...when you give it to Kenny. 

Jun 12 2017

Lessons learned in retaining wall construction: drainage, drainage, drainage

Jun 5 2017

A split riser allows you to remove the forms without damaging wet concrete.

May 29 2017

With a place for everything and everything in its place.

May 25 2017

3D Printing is hereby put on notice that it is not the disruptive sweetheart of the construction world anymore. ROBOTS are everywhere.


May 22 2017

Here’s how to stiffen walls that are too narrow to resist the force exerted by high winds and earthquakes.

May 18 2017

Going a few steps beyond the usual methods for hiding end-grain.


May 16 2017

Ridgid and Ryobi decided to bust through the cordless barrier when it comes to belt sanders


May 8 2017

Use skip sheathing and a ventilation space to extend the life of the shingles

May 1 2017

This old-school method kills two birds with one stone.

Apr 24 2017

Furring and foam on the INSIDE for better walls in really cold places.

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