Apr 17 2017

A woodworker in Belgium goes Festool one better by devising a wheeled folding bench that works with their products.

Apr 6 2017

The most effective (and easiest) time to detail the air barrier is during the framing stage. If it isn't specified during design, ain't no way the framers are gonna get it right.

Apr 3 2017

A simple test to verify that windows are waterproof BEFORE you install them.

Mar 27 2017

Split a detail with the first cut and then inch up to the second cut. Slowly.


Mar 25 2017

First-time attempts at joints this woodworker has never seen before


Mar 23 2017

Sometimes a bench is better than a bucket

Mar 13 2017

A quick and dirty crown molding tip

Mar 10 2017

The simplest arch isn't always the best choice

Mar 6 2017

The tablesaw is probably the most dangerous tool in your shop because the blade spins toward you


Feb 27 2017

An organic post base connection that sheds water and looks like a million bucks


Feb 24 2017

The non-structural requirements are pretty simple for guard rails: if there's a fall hazard, make a guard, and keep it such that it will actually stop people from falling.


Feb 11 2017

Using fire to make wood beautiful and durable 

Feb 6 2017

Four ways to prevent ice dams in three types of roof, for two climates in one video. Boom.


Jan 30 2017

Yup—just drill a hole, add a piece of copper wire and drive the screw home

Jan 17 2017

The first in a series of 'Basics' videos on residential electricity. This one is on receptacles.

Jan 16 2017

Use to visually calculate the rise, run, and materials for stairbuilding—or anything else, for that matter

Dec 19 2016

A hole saw and a scrap of drywall make an invisible patch that is fast and invisible. Did we say invisible?


Dec 18 2016

18 videos on hardware, screws, and designs that deceive the eye

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