Dec 12 2016

Many remodels require matching an existing trim profile for new doors or windows.  When an old profile isn't available, you can make new pieces with a little bit of 'millwork magic'—and a giant pencil

Dec 3 2016

You get paid for what you do and what you know. Turns out, the more you know, the more you can do.


Dec 1 2016

4 Videos of extreme tool tests and one test that is a little tamer. Kenny Kohler, of ProToolReviews, puts his hand in harm's way — #LookMaNoHotDog!

Nov 30 2016

Additional layers of flooring can bury baseboards making them look squat (bad) and difficult to remove (worse).

Nov 21 2016

The go-to tool for extracting hard-to-remove nails, and when minimal damage is important.

Nov 11 2016

Hey Samurai, Aren't you afraid of expansion and contraction? Samurai: "No, I am not afraid of expansion and contraction, and here's why..."


Nov 4 2016

Seven tips for a better installation and some advanced tile saw acrobatics, too


Oct 28 2016

"For those of you who don't already know the benefits of using guide bushings on your router and simple templates made out of scrap MDF—here's how it goes."


Oct 27 2016

Kitchen cabinet carcasses are just four-sided cubes made with plywood and simple joinery. Repetition is the name of this game.

Oct 26 2016

Put away the abacus, Hoss—here's a Visual Construction Calculator for your proportional processing ponderances


Oct 25 2016

I get this question all the time: "Stucco all the way down to the roofing: right or wrong?" Answer: WRONG. and here's why...


Oct 22 2016

Composite decking machines smoothly, joins well, and resists weather with the best of 'em.


Oct 19 2016

It is time to think about the fact that many carpentry jobs may be automated—soon


Oct 15 2016

One way to build drawer boxes fast, efficient, and repeatable


Oct 14 2016

All complex assemblies involving multiple trades demand the critical, and constant, focus of supervisors. Where one trade ends and another begins must show continuity. If you do not build redundancy into the system, you are building in risk.


Oct 13 2016

A beginner's guide to drywall installation

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