Oct 12 2016

Heavy-duty drawer hardware and a simple cabinet turns a blind corner into roll-out storage


Oct 5 2016

Flash the boot like any other roof penetration, and snap the tube into place—just make sure to align the hole between the ceiling joists...


Sep 29 2016

Drill, Drive, DONE—Finally a concrete anchor that works

Sep 29 2016

One in three fatalities on jobsites is due to falls


Sep 28 2016

This critical element is often omitted from window installation


Sep 23 2016

The key to fine carpentry: smart shortcuts

Sep 21 2016

Tips on engineered wood layout, framing, cantilevers, blocking, web stiffeners, cutting, knockouts, duct runs, rim boards, and beams.

Sep 20 2016

How to keep the cuts consistent in less time


Sep 19 2016

When air sealing a house, begin with the biggest holes and work toward the small ones

Sep 14 2016

"In order to maximize the buildable area on the infill lot, we had to go fairly deep and do some extensive shoring."

—Dan Whitmore of Hammer & Hand 

Sep 7 2016

A flexible drill bit you can knock together in your shop


Aug 31 2016

Holes in walls amount to big walls full of holes unless you seal the hole after you make it

Aug 24 2016

What the HERS index is and how to make it work for you

Aug 22 2016

Long rods, a BIG drill, oversize washers, and an enormous wrench unbuckle a badly bowed wall. Notice the lack of 'excavator' on the list?


Aug 12 2016

A secret weapon in the war on loose joints: 2P-10 a two-part glue that dries in ten seconds.

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