Jul 13 2016

The demo digs deep into the house to repair the rubble foundation and rework the workflow

Jul 8 2016

Joint a step and use a plywood sled to plane a parallel surface, flip, repeat.


Jul 7 2016

#TheHardWay, the easy way, and the in-between way

Jul 6 2016

A no-nonsense approach to efficient deck building

Jun 25 2016

Angled cabinets with wiring chases, prebuilt, installed, and dressed up with moldings.

Jun 17 2016

Floor plan dictates hood placement, roof framing dictates fan placement

Jun 3 2016

Its not how fast you roof, its how well you roof fast

Jun 2 2016

Plywood and paint make extinguishers what they ain't

May 27 2016

Falls are the number one cause of fatalities in construction, accounting for one in three deaths, or roughly 267 people every year in the US

May 26 2016

Everything there is to know (well, almost) about blower door testing with a few engineer-y jokes along the way.

May 20 2016

How to install a roof to wall counter flashing and custom-cut one-piece step flashing into a brick wall.

May 18 2016

Carpenter's squares are ubiquitous on jobsites, but the jumbo-jumbo written on them is Greek to most carpenters. Thanks, calculator.

May 10 2016

Blowing a thick bed of insulation into an attic is really a two-person job, but you can do it by yourself if you have to

Apr 29 2016

A super efficient heat pump with a GWP of 1

Apr 28 2016

How to find a moisture leak on a flat roof with multiple elevations

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