Apr 21 2016

An icon of Craftsman joinery, the pegged mortise, faceted with a file and chisel

Apr 13 2016

When reroofs are piecemeal rather than systemic, little things like drip edge can snowball. #HonorYourCraft

Apr 7 2016

The air sealing process for a high performance home with double-stud walls. 

Mar 31 2016

Four tips on sizing, dealing with frost, choosing hardware, and preventing uplift

Mar 22 2016

A rather biased view on whether or not to use biscuit joiners for slab glue-ups—but what do you really think, Jesse?


Mar 5 2016

This weekend's video treat is all about suspending gravity with bricks, mortar, and craftsmanship.

Mar 3 2016

Stucco is likely to last significantly longer than the decking, so make it easy to replace the decking without disrupting the stucco.

Mar 2 2016

For the price of a drywall repair, you can look inside walls with a thermal camera at insulation and air leaks

Feb 26 2016

Be economical, direct, and don't get kinky.

Feb 24 2016

The design/build process for a 3-car garage with living space below—Wait, what?

Feb 23 2016

When installing a short run of vanity cabinets, you can use a story stick and a level 


Feb 19 2016

Felt, furring strips, and flashing keeps rain out of the walls


Feb 18 2016

Yes. Brett Singer, a scientist with the Indoor Environmental Group at Berkeley Lab explains how pollutants get into the air from cooking and his group's research to clear the way for a rating system for range hoods. 

Feb 9 2016

Digging deep around the house is hard, so repair it right the first time, right? #MakeItLast

Feb 4 2016

Calcium carbonate builds up in the bottom of the water tank and reflects the heat back against the glass lining. This reduces the efficiency of the heater and shortens its life.

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